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Successful Tax Appeal And Litigation Counsel

We are known for developing thoughtful, innovative solutions to seemingly impossible situations. Our track record includes resolving hundreds of cases in the IRS Appeals Division. Through the appeals process, we successfully resolve matters involving the characterization of income; the deductibility of expenses of every type and nature; arcane estate tax issues; the timing of the recognition of income and expense; as well as a host of other issues.

Focused On Winning

At Stuart B. Ratner, P.C., our primary goal in any tax dispute resolution is to win your case. We define a “win” as a resolution that eliminates your tax issues at a substantial discount from the amount initially sought by the taxing authority. This way, you can afford the payment amount without negatively impacting your ongoing financial and business health.

Our government counterparts respect us, knowing that we will creatively resolve the tax issue for our client’s benefit and provide the tax agent with sufficient documentation to close the matter without a management dispute. We represent clients in tax disputes from the audit level through the appellate process and into the court system.

Optimally Prepared For Litigation

We seek to win each client’s tax dispute by persuasive negotiation, but when litigation is required we are prepared to go the distance, and our counterparts at the IRS and state taxing authorities know this. Our reputation benefits our clients and enables us to obtain settlements more advantageous than others. Our attorneys possess a solid background in tax matters and are trained in the unique skills of litigation.

Skilled In Every Facet Of Tax Law

We work at local, state and federal levels, and in all types of tax disputes — business tax, employment tax, personal income tax, sales and use tax, estate and gift tax, and controversies under international treaties. Our tax attorneys have collective experience in virtually every facet of tax law. They also have a keen understanding of related areas of law, including corporate and securities, intellectual property and technology, labor and employment, and employee benefits, because tax disputes are rarely just about tax law.

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Practice Areas

Tax Audits

  • Sensitive (eggshell) audits
  • Residency audits
  • Sales tax audits
  • Income tax audits
  • State and local tax matters
  • Employee misclassification
  • Nominee / alter ego assessments
  • Transferee liability / fraudulent conveyances
  • Assessment of civil fraud, accuracy, and other tax penalties

Tax Appeal

  • Federal and state tax appeals and tax court litigation
  • Penalty abatement matters
  • Employee misclassification
  • Nominee / alter ego assessments
  • Transferee liability / fraudulent conveyances